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While most people dread filing their taxes, it’s a mandatory requirement for all Canadian citizens above the age of eighteen to file their taxes before April 30. Paying taxes to the government is essential as they are utilized for the nation’s development and to take care of its citizens. Paying your taxes on time also comes with direct benefits for you, like refunds, rebates (if your earnings are low), and financial organization. Moreover, timely preparation of tax returns can help you claim all of the deductions you’re entitled to, prevent penalties and inquiries from the CRA.

However, as tax preparation is a complicated matter, many individuals put off their taxes until the last minute or avoid filing their returns altogether. This can lead to severe consequences in the future that not only drain your savings but could also land you in jail.

As the deadline for submission is fast approaching, it’s vital to sort out your taxes as soon as possible and pay your dues immediately. If you’re struggling to interpret the process, make sure you hire an experienced accountant to help you organize and make sense of your financial transactions and taxes. With their knowledge and expertise, they will not only help you save time but also get maximum returns by thoroughly assessing your investments and expenses.

If you’re looking for a reliable tax accountant to prepare your individual tax returns and help you save more, reach out to Zak Accounting Professional Corporation. We provide practical accounting and bookkeeping support services and excel in tax preparation. While preparing your tax returns, we declare the total income you’ve earned during the last year, pay appropriate tax, and get maximum benefits for you from the federal and provincial governments.

We also file your taxes electronically to avoid physical forms and get you fast refunds straight into your bank account. Once we’ve prepared your taxes, we take the time to educate you about them. Our experts will then enlighten you on the best ways to save more in the future and what were the current challenges that may have diminished your tax deductions.

For more information on how we can help you with your tax preparation, book a consultation with us by giving us a call at (613)222-0209 or email us at  Our tax preparation charges begin at $55 plus tax or less for full tax students, but this can vary depending on the extent of work required from our team.

Zak Accounting Professional Corporation is a team of professional accountants in Ottawa, ON, that specializes in an array of accounting, tax, and bookkeeping procedures. Each of our accountants is a Certified Management Accountant’s Member with several years of experience. Through quality services, they focus on contributing to your success and the smooth operation of your financial department.

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